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Welcome to MikeMercury.com, the official Website of America's favorite stand-up comedian.*

If you're looking for a professional stand-up comedian to entertain at your next event you've come to the right place.

I've performed thousands of shows for groups just like yours – everything from fancy Fortune 500 soirees to annual recognition banquets for small-town Fire Departments.

I don't publish a performance schedule because I perform mostly at private events so If you'd like to check my availability, please fill out the Contact Form and include the date of your event. And even if we can't work things out, we can still be close superficial friends on Facebook.

To view video samples and learn more about me, all you have to do is click your heels together 3 times, and say out loud, "There's no one like Mike. There's no one like Mike." and then click go.

There's no one like Mike and I want to see more...
I'm in the wrong place and was just killing time...


* America Ferrera, star of Ugly Betty

**Sorry. That's a lie. According to Ms Fererra's attorney, she has "never even heard of you" and "if you don't take that off of your Website, we'll sue your ass 6 ways to Sunday."

Looking for a great stand-up comedian, humor speaker or banquet emcee? You need Mike.



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