Woo-hoo! You Found Me!

Welcome to MikeMercury.com, the official Website of America’s favorite stand-up comedian.*

If you’re looking for Wisconsin comedians or clean comedians to entertain at your next event, you’ve come to the right place.

Wisconsin comedian Mike Mercury has performed thousands of shows for groups just like yours – everything from fancy soirees for corporate bigwigs to annual recognition banquets for small-town Fire Departments to Christmas parties for companies of all sizes. He’s also headlined the nation’s best comedy clubs and casinos, been featured on Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion, co-hosted a late-night tv show called Hot Tonight, and appeared in concert with some of the biggest stars in show biz, making Mike Mercury one of the best-known Wisconsin comedians working today.

Of all the Wisconsin comedians currently residing in Wisconsin, Mike Mercury is one of them and you should book Mike. To do so, please fill out the Contact Form and include the date of your event. Oh, and guess what? The event doesn’t have to be in Wisconsin cuz Mike has a car as well as a personal pilot named Iceman! (We just say “Wisconsin comedians” like 9 times in order to try to get Mike more gigs close to home. And because Iceman charges an arm and a leg.)

And even if Mike is already booked on the date of your event (or you’re too cheap to cough up enough dough to convince him to leave his house), you and Mike can still be close superficial friends on Facebook. So take a look around, then give Mike a holler.